"Perfectly Good Moment" Psychological thriller 

Duration: 75 min 
Featuring: Stephen Carlile, Amanda Jane Stern
Director : Lauren Greenhall
Writer: Amanda Jane Stern
Director of Photography: Matt Braunsdorf
Producers: Julian Seltzer, Stephen Carlile, Amanda Jane Stern, Lauren Greenhall
Editor: Xiao Han

This erotic, psychological thriller asks the question: what happens when the things that make your relationship passionate and exciting are the same things that make it toxic?

Ruby and David have been together on-and-off for 8 years, since she was 19 and he 34. Six months after Ruby last ran out on him, she has returned. Once the initial bliss of the reunion wears off, old toxic patterns re-emerge. Is David too demanding and controlling or is Ruby just too sensitive? Is Ruby as delicate and demure as she appears to be…or is there something more sinister behind the surface? Why did Ruby really come back?

Perfectly Good Moment is Lauren Greenhall's narrative directorial debut. It features Broadway star Stephen Carlile in his cinematic debut and Amanda Jane Stern (1 Angry Black Man, Lifetime's Amish Witches). It marks Stern's first feature screenwriting credit, and boasts an original score by Mdou Moctar's Mikey Coltun.

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