"Fading Back In" Dance Film

Duration: 4 Minutes
Starring and Choreography by: Sam Szabo
Directed By : Lauren Greenhall
Director of Photography: Hannah Engelson
Editor: LNZ Arturo
Colorist: Emily Bailey
Original Music: David Hrivnak
Producer: Billy Schultz 
Gaffer: Caleb Keeler
Production Design: Jaclene Sini
Assistant Camera: Bridget McQuillan

Starring celebrated up-and-coming dancer Sam Szabo, Fading Back In is a tone poem about the moment when you chose to move forward in the face of depression.

Screened at the Museum of the Moving Image as part of the Reel Resilience Program, premiered at the 2021 San Francisco Dance Film Festival and can be watched on MARQUEE TV. 

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